Facts About Peru That May Shock You

Here are the top 50 facts about Peru. There are so many things that you can learn about Peru. It’s good to understand the way of life of people before making any visits. This article provided you with fifty facts about Peru. You will find out that Peru is among the best places to visit around the world.

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Interesting Facts about Peru

Below is the list of interesting facts about Peru:

  1. Peru grows over fifty-five types of corn, and they appear in several colors including black, white, purple and yellow.
  2. The origin of the potato is Peru, and we have more than 3000 varieties of the potato within the region. Many proud Peruvian keeps on using the phrase “soy mas Peruano Que la Papa:” which means I am a more proud Peruvian more than the potato.
  3. Guinea pig is a traditional meal that Peruvians eat.
  4. Peru is the sixth largest global producer of gold
  5. The oldest university in America is the national university of San Marcos which has been in existence since the 12th day of May 155.
  6. Peru has the 2nd largest amount of Shaman globally after India.
  7. Tanguis and Pima are the finest cotton brands, and they come from Peru
  8. Lima, which is the capital city of Peru, was at one time the most powerful town in South America. However, Lima lost its position after the creation of Viceroyalty of RIA de la Plata by Spanish people.
  9. Pedro Paulet was a Peruvian who came up with the invention of the 1st modern rocket propulsion system.
  10. Peruvians celebrate their independence day on the 28th day of July, and they refer to it as “fiestas patrias”
  11. Peru is a paradise for surfers because Chicama has the longest left hand 4 kilometers wave globally. Mancora, which is closer to this, has the largest left hand point peak.
  12. The Arequipa region’s Cotahuasi Canyon is one of the world’s deepest Canyon having a depth of 11597 feet which is two times deeper than the USA Grand Canyon.
  13. The oldest human occupation in America has its traces in the sacred city of Caral-supe which is a few hours of the capital Lima. The 1546 acres of the land site is approximately five years old.
  14. A Peruvian engineer known as Carlos Villachica came up with the invention of the machine that separates sand and gold without using mercury. The tiny device makes use of biodegradable chemicals and water to separate the two. Another great Peru invention is an artificial tree that clears air pollution.
  15. The national park of Huascaran in Peru has over twenty-seven snowcapped picks which are 6000 meters above the sea level. El Huascaran is the largest among all these peaks.
  16. Peru has close to 1625 types of orchids of which 425 grow naturally near Machu Picchu. The Machu Picchu’s Inkattera hotel privately owns the largest number of close to 500 orchards.
  17. Cusco city in Peru was the most important in the entire region of Inca Empire, whose government ran as far as Santiago in Chile and Quito in Ecuador to the northern.
  18. The three official languages in Peru are Aymara, Quechua, and Spanish. However, the natives on the eastern side of the Andes in the Amazon Jungle region speak over 13 different languages.
  19. Machu Picchu lost its Inca citadel to the Amazon jungle for four hundred years. However, the American explorer Hiram Bingham re-discovered it later.
  20. Pisco sour which is the national drink of Peru comes from ice, egg whites, sugar water, lemons, pisco brandy, and bitters.
  21. The southern Peru’s Lake Titicaca is not only the highest navigable lake in the world but also South America largest lake.
  22. In Peru, locals traditionally give their family members and friends yellow underpants on the Eve of the New Year.
  23. Peru remains to be the eighth largest coffee producer globally, and the fifth largest Arabica bean producer
  24. Peru has 90 varied microclimates ranking it among the most bio diverse climates on earth.
  25. Peru hosts the highest global sand dune. The Cerro Blanco of Sechura desert close to the Nazca lines measures about 1176 meters from the summit base.


Fun Facts About Peru

Here are the two fun facts about Peru:

  1. The Machu Picchu, which is among the most famous landmarks in Peru, was voted among the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. The city had been in existence since the 1950’s, but the locals abandoned it a century later. The city was re-discovered later by Hiram Bingham in the Andes wilderness in 1911.
  2. Another fun fact about Peru is that they celebrate their independence days for three separate days in a celebration they collectively refer to as “patrias”. This term is translated to mean the patriotic holidays in Spanish. The natives refer to the June 24th as the countryman’s day, July 28th as the Peruvian Independence Day and July 29th to celebrate the national police and armed forces of Peru. The Fiestas Patrias falls among the most important holidays in the region and the whole world celebrates with them.


Cool facts About Peru

Here are the top 5 cool facts about Peru:

  1. Peru has the second largest portion of the Amazon forest after Brazil. The truth of the matter is that close to sixty percent of the country is under the rainforest. However, the rainforest sceneries in Peru are far much better than those in Brazil. The well-preserved rainforest is the reason why most people prefer to visit the region and not Brazil.
  2. Another thing that falls on the list of cool facts about Peru is its richness in mineral resources. The region has an overwhelming richness in mineral reserves. In fact, Peru is the third largest producer of fine copper in the world. The area is ranked as fifth in the global production of gold and tops the list in the global production of silver. Peru is also the third largest zinc and tin producer. Finally, the region ranks fourth in the global production of lead.
  3. Peru has an abundant rain forest with ninety distinct micro-climates. The country falls among ten most biologically diverse republics in the world. It hosts close to twenty-five thousand species of plants which represent approximately ten percent of the global plant population.
  4. The rainforest is also a home of about five thousand animal and plant species. It has two thousand distinct fish species, and this makes it rank topmost in the world at 10 percent. The region is also second when it comes to bird species with a total of 1736 different species. It is also ranked third in mammals and amphibians with 460 mammals and 332 amphibians.
  5. Another cool fact is that the southern Eastern Peru Manu national park set a record in the recent past because of its biodiversity. The has over 1200 species of butterflies, over 1000 species of birds, and 287 reptile species residing in the park. You can rarely come across such a scenario anywhere else in the world.


Weird Facts About Peru

What are the weird facts about Peru? Below are the details that you should read.

  1. Most of the people drink beer with friends from the same cup in this town. Beer drinking is one of the customs that sounds very weird to visitors. The beer bottles pass in circles with only one cup, especially during parties. This culture is all about creating friendship, and it’s a good way of life. It may sound strange, but you need to appreciate it as a visitor since it’s a way of life.
  2. You cannot conclude the list of the facts about Peru without mentioning its currency that is known as the Nuevo Sol. The new money adoption was in the 1980’s after forcing the government to abandon the Peruvian Inti as a result of hyperinflation. The inflation was so bad that after the official adoption of the Nueva Sol in 1991, it traded at a rate of one Nuevo Sol to 1000 000 Peruvian Intis. The low-value currency was a tragedy and falls on the list of weird facts about Peru.


Facts About Peru Culture

Below are the facts about Peru culture:

Facts About Peru Culture

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  1. Peru has been a home for thousands of cultures since time immemorial. However, none of them have been as extensive and impressive as the Incas. At its cultural peak, the Incan empire was the largest in the entire region of Pre-Columbia America. This empire was the ancient American region before the appearance of the Europeans.
  2. The basis of the Incan empire was entirely in the Andean mountain range. Practicing farming and construction in this area was tough. However, the Incase built the most impressive cities that have ever been. The region had the most beautiful and remarkable cities in Spain.
  3. Peru has three major official languages namely the Aymara, Quechua, and Spanish. The Aymara and Quechua languages originated from the ancient Incan languages. Currently, close to 84 percent of the population communicate in Spanish. Another 13 percent speaks Quechua while only 1.7 percent use the Aymara language.


Facts About Peru Food

Here are the top 4 facts about Peru food:

Facts About Peru Food

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  1. The most delicious snacks like chips, French fries, and mashed potatoes all owe their origin from Peru. Domestication of the humble potato is a Peru original idea. The first thing the Spanish Conquistadors exported to Europe after conquering the Inca Empire was the Potato. The Europeans quickly adopted the potato as a cheap and easily grown food crop. Currently, the global production is close to 374 million metric tons per annum and McDonald’s individually purchasing 3.4 billion pounds annually for the US restaurants.
  2. The main stable food of the Peruvians has been the cone. The region produces over 55 cone varieties that come in different ranges of color including the white, black, striking purple and golden-yellow just to name a few.
  3. The US population views Guinea pigs as docile and adorable pets. However, this species is a delicious meal in Peru that features heavily in most of their diets. The Peruvians refer to the Guinea pig meat as the “Cuy”, and you will come across it in almost all their restaurants.
  4. We have a very delicious and refreshing drink in Peru that the locals refer to as the Pisco Sour. You can try this instead of taking the martini or margarita. The cocktail comprises of the famous South American grape brandy they call pisco, ice, angostura bitters, egg whites, syrup, and lime juice as ingredients. This drink was a great invention of Victor Vaughn Morris, an American bartender in the early 1920’s in Lima. However, we have had similar drinks in the region from the early conquest days.


Facts About Lima Peru

Lastly, here is the list of the facts about Lima Peru.

  1. Lima remains to be the capital city of Peru after its establishment in 1535 by Francisco Pidarro, who was a Spanish conquistador.
  2. Lima has a total population of close to nine million and is the fifth largest city in both North and South America.
  3. The San Marcos National University of Lima is the oldest university that has been continuously functioning in America. The university has been in existence since 1551 older than the Harvard University, which has been in existence since 1636 and is the oldest university in the United States.
  4. One of the most popular sites in Lima is the cat park. The locals use this spot as a place of reference of Miraflores. The area has hundreds of cats, has a nice lay out and beautiful manicure, and this makes everybody love it. We have so many people who embrace these cats. You will see them sitting with the cats as they go through the writings, napping alongside them and even providing them with food.
  5. Lima also has super yellow small taxis that are not real cars. The machines have a unique design for workers who drive around in large factories in Japan. However, they operate in Lima as taxis and charge for the service.
  6. Peru is among the few regions in the world where the Coca-Cola brand is not leading. We have the Inca Kola soft brand that you will come across in every corner of the city.
  7. We have the grey sky that covers the city during the winter season. The locals refer to this as the donkey belly because it appears as a giant donkey sitting over the town. Most tourists don’t like this because they prefer a beach city experience.
  8. The Lima city lies on the land of one of the ancient native chiefs known as Taulichusco. In fact, we have ruins in the manor garden home right off from the main square of the city.
  9. The trendy health food quinoa has its origin in this town. The locals turn this health food into a hot drink. It is not weirdly textured, very delicious and tastes like drinking oatmeal.

As a conclusion, having gone through this article on facts about Peru, you are well prepared to visit the region without getting a culture shock. You can learn more things about Peru during your stay or as you read more.


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