Top 15 Things To Do In Lima Peru: The City of Kings

This article presents fifteen top things to do in Lima Peru. Lima is the capital city of Peru and most people refer to it as the “city of kings”. The city is among the most magnificent towns in the modern world. There are so many things you can do while on a Lima Peru vacation. Lima diversity explains why I always recommend the city as one of the best travel destinations in the world. You could be wondering how to schedule your time while planning for a Lima visit.

Lima is the largest city in Latin America with a population of over nine million people. Most visitors who come through the Lima airport spare some time for the city. The city has several tourist attraction centers that attract both the tourists and locals.

things to do in lima peru

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What To Do In Lima?

No ideas on what to do in Lima? As a traveler, you will come across several attractions ranging from the best cuisine in the world, museum visits, ancient ruins, and lovely beaches just to name a few. You will be shocked to find out that you may be unable to exhaust the whole city if you are operating on a tight schedule. Here is a list of what you can do while on a Lima Peru visit.

#1: Visit the Historical Center of Lima Peru

This historical center is the world heritage site for UNESCO. It has a main square that the locals refer to as the Plaza de Armas. The historical center has the cathedral which is a palace for the archbishop, the presidential palace, and the city hall in its surrounding. We also have the Iglesia de San Francisco with its unusual Catacombs that holds the remains of about 25000 individuals in its neighborhood. This historical center is an excellent place to visit because you will learn so much about Lima and Peru at large.

#2: Visit the District of Miraflores

Miraflores is one of the districts in Lima that attracts so many tourists. The central Attraction is the Parque Kennedy where you come across restaurants that serve some of the finest cuisines in Peru, discos, and elegant shops. The district is a great trade center where you can find so many things to carry back home for friends and family members. You will also come across the seaside shopping mall Larcomar that offers a great oceanic view and a broad range of entertainment and food. A Lima visit without sparing some time for the Miraflores area can be said to be an incomplete one.

#3: Plan to Visit Barranco

Barranco is the famous Lima district that some people refer to us Bohemian. The region is home to a high concentration of clubs and bars which become Lima’s Party central at night. If you are looking for a place to relax with friends in the evenings, Barranco is the best destination for you. Most of these bars host live Spanish and English musicians, especially on weekends. You should include Barranco on your things to do in Lima Peru list if you wish to have a memorable experience.

#4: Lima Beaches

The Lima southern beaches along the vast South Panamericana highway are good sites to relax and take part in water sports. We have several beach spots in the region alongside elegant restaurants. Some beach spots have great discos and hotels for your service. You can be sure of having an excellent experience while visiting the beaches.

#5: Phachacamac

Peru has so many activities that will make your stay not only complete but also satisfying. Quechua for Phachacamac was among the largest religious centers along the Peruvian coast that lasted for over two thousand years. It has the surrounding of a well-organized museum, pyramids, houses, small palaces, and temples. This experience will give you reason enough to make your stay in Lima Peru enjoyable and fulfilling.

#6: The Magic Water Circuit

We can rank Lima Peru as the 2nd largest city that has a desert globally. However, you get a very different feeling when you make a visit to the magic water circuit. This scenery is in Parque Reserva that is close to the countries national stadium. The magical water fountains in Lima are elaborate water fountains, synchronized light shows, and great displays that guarantee dazzling. It is a beautiful place you can make a stopover and have a view of the circuit.

We have one of the fountains shooting its waters over 260 meters in the air. All these fountains are interactive, and this allows the visitors to duck through the channels or dash across the water fields. The magical water circuits are an experience you should never fail to include on your things to do in Lima Peru list. In fact, the park still holds on to the world record of having the largest water fountain complex. The best time to visit this fountain is at night. At this time, the lights shine up very well against the dark sky.

#7: Schedule Time for the San Francisco Catacombs

After having an experience of the beautiful water park, you can head downwards to the Plaza de Armas. At this place, you will have an opportunity to visit the famous Catacombs and the San Francisco church. The church is stunning though its primary attraction is the underground region in the extensive catacomb of the sanctuary.

We have travel and tour guards who can take you through the temple and the catacombs. The latter is full of thousands of uncovered skeleton bones. The attendants have sorted the bones depending on the classification, and this gives you a creepier experience.

#8: Larcomar

Larcomar falls on the list of the most attractive sites in Lima. It is a representation of an upscale Miraflores shopping complex. It has an impressive building location with great stores and restaurants. It sits on the green cliffs edge overlooking the Pacific Ocean from underneath. The various shops and restaurants have colorful roofs that make the shopping center worth viewing. The colorful paragliders compliment the complex further by sailing from the overhead. The complex has an excellent location you should never think of going back home without having a view.

#9: Plan to Visit the Larco Museum 

Though we have several museums in Peru; the Larco Museum is one of the best. The museum brings forth a wonderful introduction to the history and tradition of the region. We have a bright display and labeling of artifacts that follow each other in a logical sequence. We also have large maps that show you where to find each object. You can easily find your way through the museum without seeking for a lot of support. We have a unique display of erotic pottery on the floor.

This great institution falls on the list of things to do in Lima Peru. The site introduces you to a great learning experience about Peru. One advantage with the Larco museum is that they display information in five different languages. It implies that the institution can reach to a wide range of audience.

#10: Try Out Ceviche

You may come across ceviche in other parts of the world, but Lima’s experience is unique. The fish is ever fresh because of the ocean coast miles. The Peruvians regard ceviche as one of their national pride. They make if from chunks of raw white fish and flavor it with chili, onions, and lime. The ceviche is a very delicious recipe that is worth of testing. You can serve the fish with your favorite meal. You should ensure you have a taste of this meal before you get out of Lima.

#11: Visit the Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is the main central square of the historical district of Lima. You will come across most of the colonial and historical buildings of Lima in this place. Though you may not compare this area to Cuzco in charm, it is a stoic region with several banks and government buildings. The region has the presidential palace where he does not only live but also works. We have a change of guards in the Plaza de Armas every noon. This square is an interesting place you need to visit in your search for things to do in Lima Peru. One advantage with this venue is that it is a high-security area.

#12: Check out on the Ruins

We have so many primary ruins in Lima Peru and the locals refer to them as the huacas. The most popular one is the Huaca Pucllana you can visit in Miraflores. The Incas built these ruins several years ago, and they are very different from the surrounding modern apartments that surround them. These modern buildings are far much better than the rubble. We have great restaurants on site to make sure that you don’t go hungry while on your Lima tour. The best time to visit the ruins is at night because they are usually lit up in the evening. You can regret if you visit Peru without allocating some time to check on these ruins.

#13: Visit Lima Museums

Apart from the Larco museum, we also have other repositories you need to visit while in Lima Peru. We have so many ancient artifacts and ruins in Peru just like any other place in the world. We have several museums in Lima that store, protect and display these old-age findings. You can go to the directory and find out more museums you can visit in Lima Peru.

#14: Baby Alpaca Clothing

Being the capital city of Lima, you can readily find some gifts for yourself and your loved ones. We have alpaca wool high-quality baby clothing in Lima. You will come across so many shops in Lima that sell this baby soft material. Some of the clothing items are relatively expensive, but you can purchase smaller items like gloves and scarfs at a low price. You should avoid smaller shops and street stalls because some of them sell fake items. The best way of proofing you are from Peru is carrying some Lima gifts.

#15: Get Some Peruvian Jewelry and Pottery 

Apart from acquiring the high-quality Alpaca clothing for kids, you can also purchase fine handmade Peruvian jewelry from Lima. We have a broad range of this jewelry which makes it very hard for a visitor to determine the right price. You can move along with a local travel guard to assist you in bargaining. You need to locate a jewelry shop that deals purely in silver. Such shops may be expensive, but you will be sure of purchasing original items. It can be embarrassing to reach home just to realize that you did not buy a genuine product.

Peruvian pottery is another beautiful thing to carry from Lima. The pottery has an attractive paint and serves the Peruvian export market very well. You can purchase them at a lower price from local shops in Lima. We have a broad range of great pottery items for sale. You can choose to buy a flower pot as a memory for your Peru visit. You need something that is easily portable because carrying bulky items on your way back home is tricky. You can also get some pottery items as gifts for friends. You will discover that Peru is rich of great designers. You should include at least one gift on your things to do in Peru. Making a purchase is the only way you will make your stay in Peru Lima both exciting and memorable.

In conclusion, most people who come to visit Peru have big names like the Nazca Lines, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu in their heart. This article should help you realize that there are so many places and things to do in Lima Peru – the city of kings. Lima is Peru’s capital city and is the largest metropolitan area in the region.

You should notice that Lima is a great destination for visitors by itself. The area is full of high-quality seafood restaurants, fascinating museums, famous clubs and bars, and a long coastal line just to name a few. It implies that a complete Peru tour should have a day or two for Lima visit. If you need more Peru travel information, you can check out our other pages.


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